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Soundcore Spirit X sports headphones review

I like wireless headphones simply because I like listening to music on the go and I don't like being tied down with a wire. Small portable wireless headphones do the trick because they are small and I can easily carry them in my bag. I recently had the chance to review the Soundcore Spirit X sports headphones by Anker, and they didn't disappoint, both in build and quality. In fact, these are the best wireless headphones I've tried and owned.

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Soundcore Spirit X sports headphones

They also come with four sets of headphones in different sizes, two sets of ear tips, a shirt clip and two cable clips.


Using headphones is easy. There is a control switch towards the right side of the cord. There are three buttons on the switch – Plus, Play, Minus. A long press on the Play button turns the headphones on/off. Press and hold the Play button while they are on to activate pairing mode (with flashing blue/red light). Plus and Minus buttons control volume as well as previous/next track.

To get started, simply press and hold the Play button until the LED starts flashing blue and red. Activate Bluetooth on your phone and start pairing it with the "Soundcore SpiritX" headphones.

Once paired, you can put on the headphones and enjoy your music.

Each earphone comes with an ear hook that you can hang on your ear. They fit snugly in your ears where you don't have to worry about them falling out. The silicone material is soft and flexible and does not hurt your ears when you wear them for a long time.

In the middle of the cord is a cord trimmer where you can use it to adjust the length of the cord. It is very useful because you can adjust it according to your head size and prevent the cord from swinging when you exercise. You can also attach the shirt clip to the cable clip and attach the cable to your shirt.

All in all, these small but useful accessories make it really comfortable to wear on your ears.


When it comes to music quality, I think these headphones are pretty good. They come with a 10mm speaker and you can hear mid and high tones clearly. You can also hear the bass, although it's not quite as good as most high-end headphones, which is to be expected. Comparing them to similar wireless headphones, I think they produce better quality (louder and clearer voice) than others.

On a crowded train ride, due to the snug fit (the headphones are long and go straight into your ear canal), you can easily hear your music, although high-pitched noise still seeps through occasionally . Although they don't have active noise cancellation, they do a good job of blocking out noise.

Battery life

Battery life is another area where they shine. They come out of the box with a 90% charged battery, and I managed to use them for over twenty hours (combined use) before the battery blew out. They were advertised to have twelve hours of gameplay, but I'm sure they last much longer than that.


This is the main selling point of the Spirit X headphones. They have an IPX7 rating and can handle sweat (or water) in most conditions. While I wore them for my jogging session, I don't sweat this plenty to test the "sweatproof" claim.


  • Long battery life
  • Cheap and reasonable price
  • Useful and thoughtful accessories for a good wearing experience
  • Waterproof

The disadvantages

  • Bass is still lacking like other similar headphones


If you're looking for small wireless headphones that are great and don't break the bank, then these Soundcore Spirit X headphones are for you, especially if you use them for working out.

Soundcore Spirit X sports headphones