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How time and attendance software keeps employees safe during Covid?

As countries around the world slowly begin to relax their stay-at-home orders with appropriate restrictions, and small and medium-sized businesses plan to call their employees back to work through Attendance Software, it's critical to ensure you're properly adhering to the safety rules.

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But, how do you, as a business owner, monitor compliance with your federal/state/local rules to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for your employees, customers, and suppliers?

While the traditional clock-in-and-out clock or physical timesheets may seem like a potentially dangerous source of contamination, companies are trying to find alternative methods to not only keep their employees safe, but also to accurately track their timesheets. A clock that each employee touches several times during the day obviously presents a potential source of contamination.

With time and attendance software it's easy to keep your employees safe during COVID-19. Let's see how.

Face pointing in

As employers seek contactless solutions for employees returning to work, facial recognition time clocks offer a hygienic and safe solution for employee time and attendance. The time and attendance software comes with face clocks that allow employees to look into the clock and register their attendance in seconds. Contactless clocking in software identifies unique points on an employee's face, stores the information in the system, and validates the employee's face and information as the employee's clock in and clock out.

No physical timesheets

With the growing popularity of digital and cloud-based time tracking apps, employers don't need to use physical timesheets to track their employees. Time and attendance software allows employers to track their employees using automated processes, i.e. without using any physical contact. Once an employee clocks in and clocks out, time and attendance software can automatically approve their timesheet. It also cuts down on mundane paperwork for employees and management, and helps with social distancing as employees wouldn't be filling out physical timesheets.

Instant communication on Messenger

When taking action to protect yourself and your employees from COVID-19 is the top priority, how do you keep them informed in an efficient and safe way?

Time and Attendance software allows you to stay connected with your team without any physical contact. Instant alerts and messaging capabilities help you send reminders about shifts, breaks, and entry and exit points.

Geo-fencing capabilities

The time and attendance software comes with a sophisticated geolocation capability that helps employers track employee attendance not just in real time, but in an actual geographic area. Here you can define geographies to limit where an employee is allowed to clock in and clock out. It also ensures that the clocking in is accurate and done by the right person in the right place.

Mobile Pointing Options

Clocking in and clocking out software systems also allow employees to clock in and out via their smart phones, avoiding the risk of physical contact. It is also a great option if you still allow your employees to work remotely due to the COVID-19 situation.

With COVID-19 weighing heavily on businesses, it is very important to implement a safe and contactless system. time and attendance software that can help you prevent the spread of coronavirus.