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Everything you need to know about Android app beta testing

Almost all major apps on Android like Facebook, WhatsApp maintain a beta channel on play store which serves as a testing ground for upcoming releases of their apps with new features and developments. Take the voicemail recording sample WhatsApp feature, which launched a few days ago and is only accessible if you have the latest beta version of the app. This way, the company can test its new releases with a closed group without fear of releasing a version that might be broken and bring negative reviews. On the other hand, tech enthusiasts like us get early access to exclusive features before they're available to everyone.

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So if like me, you too want early access to these beta apps, I'll show you how you can get it on any Android. However, one thing you should be aware of is that these beta versions may have bugs and may even crash on the devices and that is the reason why they call it a testing playground. So even if you get all the fun before everyone else, there's a chance things could go wrong on a few devices.

Find apps that have a beta channel

A few months ago, finding apps that have a beta channel was the talk of the (tech) town. A person should visit an official website or Google+ page to know about the beta version of the app. However, recently a website called Testing Catalog has been made available where a user can easily find the apps which have a beta channel and sign up to get the updates. There is no search option on the website, but you can use Google site search technique to easily find the beta page of the app.

Once you are on the app description page, click on the option that says Register which will open the test programmer page on the play store. Here click on the button that says Become a tester . That's all. In the next 30 minutes you will get the beta app from the Play Store with the new features.

Beta apps:how they differ from normal apps

These beta apps may look completely different from what you were using and may even have a completely redesigned interface. For apps that are only available in the beta channel, it may take time to search for them on the Play Store after joining the test community. As I mentioned before, these beta apps may crash on some devices and if so, you will need to unsubscribe from beta testing using the same Play Store invite page. Once done, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the Play Store after a few hours.

Management of beta applications on Play Store

You can also use the apps page of the Play Store app on your Android device to track these beta apps. Recently the Play Store app was updated to include the Beta section that lists all beta apps you are subscribed to. This way it's easier to know which beta apps you signed up for.

If you scroll down the page, you will also have the option to leave the beta program using the app itself.


This is how you can find and try beta apps on your Android device and get exclusive features before your friends. A good way to show off I would say! Nevertheless, if you have any doubts, please ask us in the comment section.

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