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10 Best Firefox Addons You Should Be Using

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best Firefox add-ons and extensions that have been buzzing lately. These Firefox add-ons and extensions will help you improve the functionality of your web browser. From making things more convenient, to boosting security and stability, to disabling some of the built-in features we don't like, these add-ons bring so much awesomeness to the browser!

ContentsBest Firefox addons1]Tab Cache2]Dictionary Everywhere3]Single File4]Grammar for Firefox5]Dark Reader6]Optimizer for YouTube7]DownThemAll8]Tomato Clock9]Measure It10]Pulse BlockerAre the recommended Firefox extensions safe?Add-ons slow down Firefox?

Best Firefox addons

Extensions or add-ons on any browser make user's job simple and easy. We can have a great time browsing websites or working using a web browser and its extensions. In this guide, we show you 10 Best Firefox Add-ons which you should use.

These are the 10 best Firefox addons that can make your web browsing time better and more productive.

  1. Tab stash
  2. Dictionary everywhere
  3. Only one file
  4. Grammar for Firefox
  5. Dark Reader
  6. Optimizer for YouTube
  7. Down with them all
  8. Tomato Clock
  9. Measure it
  10. Impulse Blocker

Let's get into the details of each extension.

1]Tabs cache

Tab Stash is one of the best extensions for organizing batches of tabs as bookmarks. The many tabs you open can be organized with a single click on the Tab Stash icon. All open tabs will be saved as bookmarks. You can restore the tabs you need or a group of tabs from the stored ones at any time. You can also access hidden tabs on your mobile as tabs are automatically saved as bookmarks. You can sync them using Firefox Sync. Tab Cache is available for download in Mozilla Firefox Addons.

2]Dictionary everywhere

If finding the meaning of a word you just read on a web page is taking time, you can eliminate it using the Dictionary Anywhere Firefox addon. It helps you find the meaning of a new word you read on a webpage. Just double click on the word and you will see Dictionary Anywhere appear with the meaning of that particular word. You can download Dictionary anywhere from the Firefox Extensions webpage.

3]Single file

It is one of the best web extensions if you browse many tabs and save them offline as single HTML pages. By using Single File, you can save all web pages with their images and links as a single HTML page. Single file extension can be downloaded from the Firefox Addons page.

4]Grammar for Firefox

If you write emails or messages on your web browser and you are unsure of its grammar and style, Grammarly will help you overcome this fear and correct the mistakes you have made with the text. You just have to install the Grammarly extension for Firefox on Mozilla Firefox and sign up with an email id. Whenever you type something on a web page, it automatically detects errors and underlines them in red to correct them.


Dark mode has been the popular mode across all platforms. Even websites offer buttons to turn them into dark mode. Still, many websites are in Light mode. You can turn them into dark mode using the Firefox Dark Reader extension which lets you change the look of a website.

6]Optimizer for YouTube

Optimizer for YouTube adds a lot of features to YouTube video. You can control playback speed, volume levels, enable movie mode, change playback quality, and more. using this extension. It is one of the top rated extensions on the Firefox Addons page.


Down With Them All is a mass downloader for Firefox. You can select items to download and sort them. You can select links to download and it saves your preferences for future use with a single click. This is an open source extension that is free to use.

8]Tomato Clock

We get lost on the internet and spend far more time than necessary. The time we spend on the internet is not calculated and the breaks we take are not fixed. Tomato Clock is a timing based extension of Pomodoro. It allows you to do your work in 25 minute intervals with short breaks in between. You can also change the schedules.

9]Measure it

Measure the is one of the best extensions that gives you the precise size in pixels of an element on a web page. You need to draw a ruler on a webpage to find the width, height, page alignment, etc.

10]Pulse Blocker

If you are easily distracted on the Internet and waste a lot of time on unnecessary tasks, websites or social networks, the Impulse Blocker Extension will help you regain control by blocking websites for a while that seem distracting to you. You can add any number of websites to the list, and you cannot access them until you remove them from the list or the timeout you set expires.

Have any favourites? Let us know!

Yes. Addons recommended by Firefox are absolutely safe. They are scanned and verified by the Firefox team before recommending an extension to the user. Firefox updates the list of recommended extensions over time, and you only see a few stays that provide regular updates and user benefits.

Do add-ons slow Firefox?

Yes. The add-ons you use on Firefox can slow down Firefox and the web pages that load on it. This is the reason why you should install extensions that you really need and trust. A few extensions may not cause a visible difference, but many extensions can.

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