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10 reasons why video games are good for you

It is an ongoing debate whether or not video games are good for us. However, the assumption that they contribute to problems that promote aggression again has not yet been substantiated or proven. So does it make sense to blame the video games for problems? Because we're always looking for a scapegoat for something? Perhaps, but here are ten reasons why you should continue playing video games, or start playing games.

Video games can slow down the aging process
If there's one thing we all have in common, it's that we all get older. But if there's one thing you can do to stay young, it's keep your brain young. Playing games can contribute to this. Playing games ensures that your brain is challenged in several ways at the same time, something that can help keep your brain in shape. At the same time, it is fortunately easy to find Australian casinos on the internet.

Games can contribute to better vision
You will quickly think that playing games has a negative effect on your vision, but the opposite is true. Because by playing (including first-person shooter) games you can improve the contrast sensitivity of your eyes. Yes, that means you can see better by playing games. An additional advantage is that your hand-eye coordination improves enormously.

The memory
Many games revolve around one thing, strategy and concentration! Whether it's fighting for your life in Fortnite or building your own civilization with Minecraft, you have to remember where to find certain resources or where to go. Navigating the virtual world of games nowadays is little different from navigating the real world. Partly because of this, playing games can have a particularly positive effect on your memory. Also when, for example, you have to remember the value of poker hands while playing in the casino.

You can make better decisions
While playing games, you often have to make decisions within seconds. In many games you don't even have seconds before you have to make a decision. This can contribute to making decisions easier in your daily life.

They are good for your mood
Video games can cause stress. After all, you have to stay alive, win something or finish something within a certain time. But that is a good form of stress. At those moments, you don't have to worry about money, deadlines or other things that can keep you up at night. In other words:they are good for your mood and a perfect way to escape from the worries of everyday life.

Some games are good for your health
Obviously we're not talking about the first-person shooter games right now. Unless, of course, you play it with VR glasses (make sure you're in a room where you can move freely!). But games you play with the WiiFit, for example, are good for your general fitness. Certain games therefore also contribute to your health!

It stimulates curiosity and eagerness to learn
When you play games, your brain is working hard and growing. When you're trying to figure out how a certain game works, or if you're solving a puzzle at a difficult level, for example, you're working on creating new connections in your brain. The higher your motivation to succeed, the harder your brain works.

Games can contribute to a good relationship
There are plenty of ways to relax and have a good time as a couple. But did you know that playing games or gaming together contributes to a good, healthy and above all fun relationship? Not a fan of board games and sitting together with a controller? Perhaps taking a gamble together in the online casino will have the same effect. Look for the best online casino in the Netherlands together, to guarantee an evening of fun! Looking for a new casino challenge? Then use the bonus at Zamsino Canada!

Video games can add to your social life
Although you often think the opposite, video games can contribute to a good social life. Quite logical, because you can relatively only have a conversation with someone because you already have one thing in common – the game that is played. Gaming can therefore contribute to a larger social network.

Games can help you learn more easily
Honestly, many gamers are still in school, and that's a good thing! Because games can contribute to making it easier to learn at school. When playing Starcraft and The Sims, a study has shown that participants absorb more information during gameplay. Something they can also implement in their daily lives. Playing games can therefore make it easier for you to absorb information and therefore become smarter!