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What is Wi-Fi 6 and how does it improve Wi-Fi connection?

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version of Wi-Fi that will be available soon. It will be referred to as 802.11ax when using the traditional method of identifying different versions. This will be a marked improvement over the current standard, 802.11ac. Along with the rollout of the new version, the naming system as determined by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the group that handles the implementation of Wi-Fi, is also moving towards a simpler numbering system. The 802.11ac version you are using now will be renamed to Wi-Fi 5 and the "axe" will become Wi-Fi 6.

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What is Wi-Fi 6 and how does it improve Wi-Fi connection?

At home, all of your devices will work better, no matter how many of them are running at the same time. This capability means that if someone has 4K video streaming, it won't slow down your game!

The new version will help to extend the battery life. Wi-Fi 6 has a new feature called "Target Wait Time" or TWT. This feature will extend your battery life as the hotspot will tell your device when to put its Wi-Fi to sleep and when to wake up to receive a new transmission. With the Wi-Fi radio sleeping more, less power will be used, which means your battery won't drain as quickly.

What is Wi-Fi 6 and how does it improve Wi-Fi connection?

How does it work?

Wi-Fi 6 divides the wireless channels into a large number of sub-channels, so the access point can communicate with more devices at once than before. With Wi-Fi 5, the access point can communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, using MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) technology. However, these devices could not respond all at once. Wi-Fi 6 will feature an improved version of multi-user technology known as MU-MIMO. This feature will allow devices to respond at the same time.

Beyond hardware

Alliance wants branding to go beyond hardware. Plans are underway to allow devices to see available networks and their version numbers. If two networks are available, your device will display them with labels such as Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6. So you can easily choose the newer and faster one.

When will-I-see-it?

The Wi-Fi Alliance wants to roll out Wi-Fi 6 and the new languages ​​in a way that limits consumer confusion. The new language will start appearing next year, especially on more modern routers. Some devices are already advertising their use of certain Wi-Fi 6 technologies, but the final standard has yet to be adopted, so if possible, wait to get a new router once Wi-Fi 6 is standardized. The current target for Wi-Fi 6 routers is the second half of 2019.

What is Wi-Fi 6 and how does it improve Wi-Fi connection?

You will also see a logo on new devices using Wi-Fi 6 to indicate that the device has passed the Wi-Fi Alliance certification process. Previously, the logo was not specific to the standards of the version of Wi-Fi it supported.

The Wi-Fi Alliance represents pretty much every major company that makes devices with Wi-Fi, so this change most likely means everyone is on board with the changes. That being said, they admit that he is unlikely to be adopted immediately. They also recognize that they cannot force anyone to actually use the new branding.

And one last reminder:to use Wi-Fi 6, you must have a compatible device. It doesn't matter if you buy a new router that uses Wi-Fi 6, unless you have a device that also uses this technology. Otherwise, your device will continue to use Wi-Fi 5.

So get ready. Faster wireless is coming in 2019!