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Joomla vs WordPress:Which Content Management Platform is Better?

Did you know that there are about 700 coding languages?

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That's 700 different ways to create a website. That's a huge amount to wrap your head around.

Luckily, you don't have to.

Content management systems make it easy to create and maintain your website. But which one is right for you? Read on as we explore the great Joomla vs. WordPress debate and give you all the information you need to choose the right one.

What exactly is a content management system?

Content management systems (or CMS) are essential for building a website when you have absolutely no knowledge of coding. This software takes care of everything from layout to functionality, making these elements easy to customize for those of us who otherwise wouldn't know where to start.

There are a variety of content management systems available today. These support all types of websites, from blogs to e-commerce sites. With so many available, you might be wondering which one is best for you.

Well, the answer to that depends on your needs. If we talk about popularity, both WordPress and Joomla top the list. There are a few key differences which we've outlined below to help you decide.

Joomla vs WordPress:the basics

WordPress and Joomla have been around for over a decade. This means that they have had some time in the game to refine their services and develop their software appropriately.

While WordPress is the most popular content management system around, Joomla also has a substantial share of the market share. Both Joomla and WordPress are open source and free to download and use for basic management needs.

Customization and functionality

When it comes to your website design, both Joomla and WordPress are easily customizable to suit your needs. WordPress offers a huge range of themes, some paid and some free, so you can easily choose a website design that's right for you.

WordPress also offers a wide range of plugins, to integrate specific functionality into your website. If we were to compare sites by the number of themes and plugins available, WordPress would come out on top.

Joomla offers are similar. However, they are called templates instead of themes and extensions instead of plugins. There are fewer themes available when it comes to Joomla, but one key difference is Joomla's flexibility when it comes to customizing details. Joomla sites tend to offer a lot more leeway to customize different features.

Support and ease-of-use

Due to its popularity, WordPress has a large and very helpful community of developers and users with out-of-the-box solutions. Its user interface is also clean, simple and easy to navigate.

Because Joomla has fewer users, there is a common misconception that their support community isn't as reliable. This is definitely not true, as Joomla also has a great support community. Additionally, Joomla offers built-in support for multiple languages. Joomla support services are fairly easy to find.

Joomla's user interface is slightly more complex than WordPress. Indeed, many features provided as plugins in WordPress are already integrated in Joomla.

The last word

In the Joomla vs WordPress debate, there will always be defenders on either side. While WordPress seems like the best option for beginners, Joomla is an excellent content management platform for those who want to create a truly unique website. It all depends on the purpose of your website and which software best suits its functionality.

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