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The different types of SEO for your website

When was the last time you clicked on the second page of search results? If you're like most people, it'll be hard to remember, especially since a whopping 25% of searchers click on the first organic result!

Summary On-page SEOOff-page SEOTechnical SEOLocal SEOBenefit from all types of SEO

This simple fact makes it easy to see the benefits of SEO if you're hoping for more online visibility. After all, a few simple website tweaks can have a long-lasting impact at an incredibly low price.

Of course, if you're learning to navigate the ever-changing landscape of SEO, you might not know where to start. What types of SEO should you use and how can you tell them apart? Let's take a look at the ones to keep in mind.

SEO on page

As the name suggests, on-page SEO refers to optimizing the content of your website. This can happen at an individual page level or across your entire site.

On-page SEO examples include some of the tactics you're most likely to associate with SEO in general, such as keyword research.

However, it can also refer to optimizing your page titles, headings, and formatting. This also includes optimizing your content, which plays a major role in the ranking of your website in search engines. Publishing high-quality content that is comprehensive and long enough to give readers valuable information can signal to Google that your website is worth visiting.

Off-page referencing

Off-page SEO involves promotional tactics that help build networks and connections from your website to others. These strategies can help boost your online reputation, ensuring that Google and other search engines see you as an authoritative resource for visitors.

A manufacturing company looking for industry SEO, for example, can hire SEO services that generate quality backlinks linking their site to the websites of industry leaders. A health clinic, on the other hand, may ask doctors to answer medical questions on various forums to showcase their expertise.

Technical referencing

Of all the types of SEO, technical SEO is the easiest for the average business owner to ignore because it involves things that happen on the backend of a website. However, small technical tweaks can make a huge difference in search engine results!

Common technical SEO tactics include improving site speed, mobile friendliness, and website security. Good technical SEO will also address any duplicate content and improve the architecture of a site with an XML sitemap.

Local referencing

For businesses with a physical storefront, local SEO can help boost their online presence in a specific geographic area.

Optimizing a website using local SEO often involves registering the business in online directories, adding the Local Business schema to the business site, and creating an account. Google My Business.

Enjoy all types of referencing

It’s hard to overstate the importance of SEO in all its forms. As a business owner, investing your time and effort in this strategy can have a huge long-term impact, and using all types of SEO in tandem can ensure your website is found quickly. Be sure to do your research at first, or consider partnering with an expert SEO company to get results faster!

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