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How to use a broken key extractor?

A key can break inside the car ignition when you try to start the engine, or it can break inside any other lock like a door lock etc. When the key breaks inside the lock, it becomes difficult to get it out easily. There are many methods to extract the broken key from a lock.

But the locksmith has made broken key extraction tools to extract broken keys from locks, and locksmiths in Philadelphia actively using modern technologies. The broken key inside the switch or a lock can easily be extracted using a key puller in no time.

Key extraction tool structure

These pullers are a complete set of 10-12 small screwdriver-like handles with tiny threads above them. Some of the threads have a lip and some have small hooks above them. These are used to remove the key from the area where it is stuck.

These are specifically designed so that you can remove the key without opening the lock. Now we are going to share the perfect method of using these key pullers to get the key out of the lock without opening the whole lock.

How extractors work

As you know, extractors come in two forms. The lip shape and the hook shape. You can use either one to get the key depending on the situation you are facing.

Both pullers are invaluable and can easily get the job done. However, as you know there is not much difference in the keys, the structure of the extractor does not matter. The only thing that matters is that the puller must be sharp and small enough to enter the lock and extract the key.

The operation is very simple and quite easy to understand. Use one of the extractors and enter it inside the lock and push all the pins on it to release the key from the socket.

Once the pins are no longer holding the key, use another puller to hook and remove the key from the lock. Once the second puller is able to hook the key, gently pull the broken key out of the lock.

This is an easy method of using a broken key puller to extract the broken key from the lock. I hope all this information is worth it. You can easily remove the broken key from any lock without opening it after knowing all the things mentioned here.