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This is how you use technology safely against loneliness

As 2021 approaches, many of us hoped for a better year than 2020. In reality, we are still a long way from socializing in real life. With yet another lockdown, the theme of loneliness is more relevant than ever. Kaspersky's previous research into loneliness and the role of technology showed that technology is frequently used to combat loneliness. From zoom quizzes, online social calls, video calling and streaming movies and music. Unfortunately, cyber criminals know this too and the number of cyber attacks has increased significantly this year.

Just like in the spring, our world has become a lot smaller and loneliness is lurking. More than 60% say technology helps them feel less lonely, the survey found.

Use technology against loneliness? Kaspersky gives the following tips:
Organize a movie night and invite family and friends to join you. Many streaming services now offer a "party" or "group monitoring" feature that allows multiple households to watch the same content at the same time. Some even have an online chat option.

Visit museums through a virtual tour. In some of the world's most famous art galleries and museums, visitors can now learn more about their exhibits and artifacts online.

Attend an online concert or festival. From classical music to DJ sets, artists from around the world are organizing more opportunities for fans to enjoy a 'live' experience from the comfort of their own home.

Exercise together online. There is an increase in the number of exercise classes available online and participants can choose to join their friends and family to support each other.

Learn a new skill. There are many courses available online, from cooking to learning a new language, that people can now enjoy together as a group.

Online gaming is not just for gamers. Arcade-based game sites encourage friends and family to gather online to solve puzzles or compete in the same way as board games.