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How to embed SWF in your WordPress posts

If you have ever tried to embed a Shockwave Flash file in your WordPress blog, then you know that it can cause problems. Also, if you are hosting your blog on, you will not be able to load flash for security reasons. However, if you have your hosting account, there are several ways to upload .swf files to your WordPress blog posts. The first way is to use a plugin. This way is preferable if you are not good with code. The other way requires you to know some basic html. In this article we are going to see how to embed SWF in WordPress posts with a plugin and without a plugin.

Plugin method

First, you need to download and install Easy Flash Embed for WordPress. This plugin is so simple that no settings are added to your admin menu. All you have to do is use a shortcode when creating your posts like this:

 [swf src = "" width = 300 height = 100] 

Just replace the src attribute with a link to your flash file and set height and width accordingly.

Download the Easy Flash Embed plugin.

Code method

For those of you who want more control over your code, we will now show you how to embed flash files directly into your WordPress posts, pages, or even themes. While people have come up with numerous methods to do this over the years, the easiest and most standards-compliant way is to use the element.

The final code looks like this: