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How to set up Auto Discovery for your WordPress RSS feeds

You notice that when you visit WPBeginner, there is an RSS icon in the URL bar. You'll often see this icon on sites that have set their RSS feeds to automatic discovery. By setting autodiscovery, you are encouraging your users to subscribe and also informing those who don't know to subscribe as well. Most themes ignore this feature, which might be one more important feature you should have in your themes. In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can set up auto-discovery for your WordPress RSS feeds.

Open your header.php and paste the following codes above the code.


Many reputable sites in the industry have taken this step to ensure that their readers subscribe to their sites. You should check if these codes are in your header file, if not then you should add it. Don't forget that if you want to track your RSS subscribers, you need to redirect your feeds to FeedBurner.