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6 reasons to switch to Chrome OS

Looking for a new laptop? You might want to consider Google's Chromebook deals. No seriously. They're not as bad as you've heard. In fact, they slowly began to eat away at Windows laptops in competing markets.

Summary 1. Does everything the average user needs and nothing else2. Perfect for first-time users3. Regular updates4. Virus free5. Affordable price6. Superior Battery Life Conclusion

The Chromebook is centered around Chrome OS. It is an almost entirely web-based operating system. Despite its semi-negative perception for some consumers, the operating system actually has a lot to offer. Here are six reasons why you should consider switching to a Chromebook running Google's Chrome OS.

1. Does everything the average-user-needs-and-nothing-else

6 reasons to switch to Chrome OS

Since Chrome OS is web-centric, it's perfect for those who don't know much about computers. There's not much to spoil. What's even more important is that there's a lot less to mess up. You can't really go to a rouge website on a Chromebook and download 'potentially unwanted programs'. It just doesn't happen.

When you log in, the web browser appears and that's it. Everyone can understand that. There is no information overload. There aren't a million tiles to click and sort through. Everything you will need and nothing you don't is there. Simplicity is key when trying to learn the basics.

3. Regular updates

6 reasons to switch to Chrome OS

It's not really something exclusive to Chrome OS, but it's a good point nonetheless. Updates are important. Security breaches and software flaws are all too common. It is important to have updates for the operating system you rely on day to day. Google does a solid job of keeping the Chrome platform up to date.

4. Virus free

6 reasons to switch to Chrome OS

Chrome OS is virus-free. Accidentally going to a website with lots of deceptive programs will have no effect on you. There is no need to worry about the constant barrage of viruses and malware exploits found on Windows and Mac.

Obviously, no operating system is 100% secure, that's clear. Some viruses and malware exist only on websites and do not require downloads. Still, you're much more likely to avoid this sort of thing on a Chromebook than on a Windows PC.

5. Affordable price

6 reasons to switch to Chrome OS

If there's one thing Chromebooks have going for them, it's the fact that they're so cheap. Google subsidizes the prices of Chromebooks, which actually sells a laptop for $199, which should cost $250, and so on. Since most other computers are much more expensive, that's a plus.

6. Superior battery life

6 reasons to switch to Chrome OS

Google designed Chrome OS to be incredibly lightweight and portable. Since the focus is on lightness, most Chrome devices have incredible battery life. Chances are your Chrome device can run on at least seven hours of battery life. It's impressive to know that most Chromebooks only cost a few hundred dollars. Most Windows PCs have about the same or less battery life and cost significantly more.


Every year the numbers come out and show that more and more people are buying Chromebooks. It seems that consumers are starting to see that the benefits of these devices far outweigh the drawbacks. Nobody knows how badly Google's computers will hurt the market, but suffice it to say that things can only go up from here.