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Best Battery Cases for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic handheld console. However, it is only equipped with a paltry 4000 mAh internal battery. As you can imagine, the Nintendo Switch can burn through that battery pretty quickly. Sure, there are ways to try to stretch the battery life a bit while you're on the go, but that's a lot of a mess for what's only a marginal difference in battery life overall battery. Now the Nintendo Switch charges via USB-C, which means you can top up its battery with an external portable charger. However, power banks are bulky and that's just another thing you need to carry with you. Fortunately, there is a better solution:cases with an integrated battery.

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Nyko Power Pack

Best Battery Cases for the Nintendo Switch

The HyperX ChargePlay clutch is similar in design to the Nyko Power Pak; However, it has a slightly larger battery rated at 6,000 mAh. HyperX reckons this will give gamers an additional five hours of gameplay; however, individual mileage may vary. One of the downsides of the HyperX is that it adds considerable bulk to your Nintendo Switch, especially compared to the Nyko Power Pak. That being said, the ChargePlay Clutch has detachable rubberized Joy-Con grips. Additionally, when the Joy-Con grips are detached, the ChargePlay clutch can be converted into a charging stand.

ZeroLemon SwitchPower

Best Battery Cases for the Nintendo Switch

What does 10+ hours of extra play time sound like? I promise, it's not a chimera. The ZeroLemon SwitchPower delivers an incredible amount of screen time with a massive 10,000mAh battery. the ZeroLemon PowerSwitch uses a clamp design, similar to others on this list; However, it has a power button to turn charging on or off. This allows you to keep your spare battery when you don't need it, ensuring you get what you pay for. Plus, the built-in kickstand can be adjusted to three different viewing angles. In addition, the battery has built-in storage space to carry three additional games.

GuliKit Battery Master

Best Battery Cases for the Nintendo Switch

External battery cases for the Switch are great, but wouldn't it be better to carry one device and charge all your gadgets? The GuliKit Drum Master aims to do just that. The GuliKit isn't so much a case as it is a harness that clips around the top and bottom of the Switch. This harness can then mount the included 10,000mAh battery to the back of your Switch. As a result, the GuliKit Battery Master is one of the less intrusive options on this list. Aside from a little extra weight, you'll barely notice the battery is even attached.

What really sets the GuliKit apart is the fact that the battery is detachable. This means you can use the battery as a standard portable charger compatible with virtually anything that charges via USB.

GuliKit battery for Switch Lite

Best Battery Cases for the Nintendo Switch

The Battery GuliKit is specially designed for the smaller Nintendo Switch Lite. It has a discreet harness that clips onto the back of the console. Once the harness is fitted, a removable battery can then be attached to the back of the console. The big difference here is that the battery only has a capacity of 5,000mAh compared to the 10,000mAh found in its bigger sibling. That being said, the battery can be detached from your Switch Lite and used as a standard external charger for all your other gadgets.

Do you use an external charger for your Nintendo Switch when gaming on the go? Which do you choose? Let us know in the comments!