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5 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives You Should Consider Getting

When it comes to getting the most out of your iPad, few accessories can go as far as the stylus. If you plan to do a lot of writing or drawing, the Apple Pencil is considered the king of stylus. With its set of advanced features such as pressure sensitivity and angle detection, it provides a superior experience. Unfortunately, this superiority comes at a price, often around $90 for the first-generation Apple Pencil and around $120 for the Apple Pencil 2. Don't worry about the price as there are plenty of great alternatives.

Contents1. Logitech2 pencil. Adonit Mark3 stylus. Wacom Bamboo Fineline 34. MoKo5 Active Stylus. Adonit Note+Conclusion

1. Logitech Pencil

Undoubtedly the next best thing to the Apple Pencil, the Logitech Crayon is the most popular alternative. The biggest difference between the two is that the Crayon lacks pressure sensitivity. However, slightly adjusting the drawing angle on the Pencil will to some extent simulate the same pressure sensitivity of the Apple Pencil. Given that it costs less than half the price of the pencil, this makes the pencil at around $50 an exceptional choice.

5 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives You Should Consider Getting

If price is the most important factor in your stylus purchase, the Adonit Mark Stylus is the absolute best choice. Available for less than $10, the Adonit looks set to be a lot more expensive. The anodized finish is comfortable and cool to the touch. The evenly distributed weight and triangular shape help it feel more comfortable in the hand for long drawing sessions. The mesh tip is different from the Apple Pencil in that it's thicker and looks more like a bubble than a pen tip.

Unlike its more expensive competitors, no battery or connection is required. Just take it out of its packaging and get started. Also want to quickly draw something on your iPhone? The Adonit also works immediately on a smartphone screen, no synchronization required.

3. Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3

One of the first companies to venture into the stylus business, Wacom has a solid reputation in the stylus space. the Bamboo Fineline 3 is no exception. Designed with natural writing in mind, the Bamboo includes similar pressure sensitivity to the Apple Pencil, making it an almost direct competitor. Compatible with a multitude of iPads via Bluetooth, it's an ideal choice for note taking and drawing. The triangular design is incredibly ergonomic for a comfortable feel.

5 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives You Should Consider Getting

When charged via USB, the Bamboo lasts around 15 hours of typical use before needing to be plugged in. The retractable tip provides longevity and protection against drops or damage, which is a major differentiator from the Apple Pencil. The fact that the Bamboo is already integrated with a host of apps right out of the box makes its $60 price tag even more appealing.

4. MoKo Active Stylus

Makers of a successful line of Apple accessories, it's hardly surprising to see the MoKo Active Stylus make it onto this list. Sleek, the MoKo is very grippy, making it ultra-comfortable for long writing or drawing sessions.

5 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives You Should Consider Getting

The MoKo supports a wide range of iOS devices through Bluetooth connectivity. A rechargeable battery ensures up to eight hours of continuous use after just one hour of charging via the included microUSB cable. To maximize battery life, the pen automatically turns off after 30 minutes of non-use. With a two-in-one design, a 1.5mm fine tip for writing and drawing sits at the bottom of the pencil, while a mesh tip for annotating/highlighting sits at the top. The fact that you get all of this functionality and style for less than $30 makes the MoKo a smart option.

5. Adonit Note+

Designed for use with the newer iPad versions, Adonit's Note+ Stylus Pencil is another great Apple Pencil alternative. Priced at just under $60, Adonit has added 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity for a true Apple Pencil-like experience. The result is more like something that looks more like a real stylus than a stylus designed for tablet use. Plus, the increased sensitivity levels make the iPad a veritable canvas for any drawing work.

5 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives You Should Consider Getting

Two built-in shortcut buttons represent another major differentiator for the Note+. Do you want to press an eraser function? Just program the shortcut button. The same goes for the undo and redo shortcut options. Like the Apple Pencil, the Note+ also includes a palm rest and natural tilt support for added functionality and reliability.


While the Apple Pencil will retain the title of "Best iPad Stylus" for quite some time, there's no shortage of alternatives. Each option is cheaper than the Apple Pencil while still offering plenty of features worth a second look.