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3 things to do before selling your Apple Watch

Apple Watch not only tells the time and helps you avoid being late; it also lets you make calls and send texts, listen to music, download apps, track your activity levels, measure your heart rate and more. Apple also periodically releases new features for users. All of these things and more make the Apple Watch perpetually in demand.

Contents1. Research ways to sell it Online Methods:Offline Methods:2. Get the device in ready-to-sell stateiCloud BackupComputer Backup3. Follow the procedures for a successful transaction Avoid problems by being patient

However, some people decide it's time to part ways with their Apple Watch. Maybe you're among them and want to sell an older version to get cash for the newer model - currently the 5-series. money this month, and you think selling your Apple Watch would relieve the stress associated with this situation. Fortunately, selling is a simple process.

1. Look for ways to sell it

Potential sellers have many ways to get cash for an Apple Watch.

Online Methods:

  • Product sales groups on social media or messaging platforms
  • E-Commerce Stores That Accept Used Items
  • Craigslist and similar classifieds sites
  • Online auctions, such as eBay

Offline Methods:

  • An in-person sale or trade-in at a local electronics store
  • Place an ad on a bulletin board, in a college newspaper, etc.
  • Ask friends if they are interested in buying an Apple Watch

As you learn the approximate prices you might get for this Apple product, remember that scratches, cracks, or anything that limits the functionality of the gadget will reduce its value.

2. Get the device in ready-to-sell state

If you have an iPhone connected to the Apple Watch, unpair the two devices.

1. Place your iPhone near the Apple Watch and turn on both gadgets.

2. Tap the Watch icon on the iPhone home screen.

3. Tap your gadget's name and icon on the My Watch screen that appears.

4. Next, choose the information symbol to the right of the watch name.

3 things to do before selling your Apple Watch

Having an iPhone paired with an Apple Watch makes the iPhone automatically erase and back up data when you unpair the devices. However, if you don't have a paired iPhone, follow these steps to erase the Apple Watch:

1. Tap Settings on your Apple Watch.

2. Select General -> Reset.

3. Choose "Erase All Content and Settings". Confirm the decision by entering your password.

It is not possible to back up an Apple Watch without a paired iPhone. When you back up an iPhone, Apple Watch data is included in this process.

iCloud Backup

1. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.

2. Go to "Settings -> Tap [your name] -> iCloud.

3. Slide the iCloud Backup toggle switch to the right or select "Back Up Now". 3 things to do before selling your Apple Watch

When you have enabled iCloud backup, backups are performed daily, provided you have enough space and your iPhone stays connected to the internet.

Computer backup

1. Connect your iPhone to a computer.

2. Open iTunes (or Finder on macOS Catalina).

3. Enter your password or choose "Trust this device" if prompted.

4. Locate your iPhone in the iTunes/Finder sidebar and select it.

5. Choose the "Back Up Now" button on the next screen.

3 things to do before selling your Apple Watch

After unpairing iPhone and Apple Watch, deleting Apple Watch data and backing up information through your iPhone, the gadget is ready for its new owner.

3. Follow the procedures for a successful transaction

The stages of the last part of the sale vary according to the mode of sale. A seller may need to request a shipping label, package the device a certain way, arrange for in-person pickup, or meet minimum standards if taking the device for a trade-in. Failure to complete all steps correctly may result in the proposed sale being deemed ineligible.

If uncertainties arise when checking what needs to be done to make the transaction happen, it is best to ask questions. Making assumptions that are ultimately wrong could frustrate the seller and cause them to lose faith in you. When using an online method to sell your Apple Watch, consider sending the item via a service that allows tracking.

Avoid problems with patience

You need to think carefully before selling an Apple Watch. Weighing the pros and cons of selling helps you avoid making a decision you'll regret later. Preparing the Apple Watch for sale is not difficult, as long as you are patient enough to do it correctly by following the steps described here.