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How can you factory reset your cell phones?

Factory reset is a process that erases data from your devices and restores them to the state they were first purchased. It erases everything you have installed so far; applications, games, photos, work files and video recordings, etc. Additionally, all related accounts, settings, apps and caches stored in the internal memory will be erased.

Simless mobile phones are easy to reset as they are not locked by the network provider. But to reset your smartphone, make sure to connect your phone to a power source first. Mobile experts recommend that your battery be at least 50% charged when performing a factory reset. And be sure to backup and transfer everything from your phone to a safe space or drive before resetting because everything will be gone after the reset.

How can you factory reset Android phones?

In order to reset your Android phone or your pay as you go phones, first backup your phone data and remove the MicroSD cards and your SIM cards if any. Next, go to Settings option, choose security option for screen lock and set it to none.

The next step is to delete your Google account. For which you must first log out of your Google account.

How can you factory reset your cell phones?

And from all other accounts you've used in the past and devices you've logged in from.

After that, now tap on Delete Account button for all the accounts one by one that were in use. It is best to delete all accounts at once that were in use. You can do this simply by going to Google Accounts and selecting each account to delete by pressing the Delete Account button.

How can you factory reset your cell phones?

All is good to go. Now you need to erase the phone data. Not to mention that there are differences in the manufacture of mobile phones, so we will move on to the most common way of mobile reset. To do this, just go to the settings, choose the system option and continue in the advanced option.

How can you factory reset your cell phones?

There you have to choose backup and reset option. Then choose factory data reset option to reset your phone. And at the end, when the system asks for confirmation to delete all files, you just have to press the Delete All Files button. And this is how your phone will be reset to factory settings.

Final thoughts

It often happens that you face problems while accessing your device because either you forget the password or the unlock pattern, or the children in the house type the wrong password or draw a wrong pattern. In this case, a factory reset may be the solution to your problem. A good point to mention here is that there is no need to worry about your data if it is stored in SD card as it will remain there even after reset as many devices at the time of reset ask to the user whether or not the contents are on the SD memory. However, another thing to mention here is that if you do not perform a factory data reset properly, it will cost you in different ways. If you don't properly log out and delete accounts before backing up, you will eventually miss new messages.