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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a transparent PNG file

Transparency is a feature of the PNG file format that allows you to add an alpha channel. An image's alpha channel defines how transparent or opaque each pixel in the image should be, which can be useful when creating logos and other images with semi-transparent portions.

Properly created PNG transparency will allow you to see through the elements on your screen without them appearing to float on your background. There are some things to consider before using a transparent PNG for any project, so let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of using these files.

The advantages of a transparent PNG file

  1. Resize transparent GIF files

One of the biggest advantages of transparent PNG files is that they are still considered PNG files. This means you can get transparent results without having to convert anything; just save your transparent GIF file in PNG format and you will get transparency without any extra work needed on your part. If you want to design something like an avatar or a cartoon, using a transparent PNG allows more flexibility to get the size you need for any project.

  1. File size of a transparent PNG

Transparency doesn't increase the size of your image much, making it easier to keep sizes smaller without sacrificing too much on quality. You may need different image formats depending on the end use, but you'll find that transparent PNG files are usually about the same size as GIF versions of your images. This means less time spent researching new image sizes and smaller overall file sizes if you need to maintain the same quality.

  1. Desktop Transparency

If you work with transparent PNG files, you can enjoy a certain level of transparency right from your desktop. The background will generally be visible in any application or window that supports PNG transparency, allowing larger parts of an image to blend in without filling in every pixel by hand. It's easier than trying to create a semi-transparent animation using just GIFs, since those formats don't allow partial transparency in current versions, but it's still worth considering when the creation of your project.

The disadvantages of a transparent PNG file

  1. Animation transparency issues

If you're working with transparent animation, it might be worth sticking with GIFs, as these files don't really allow for partial transparency. While it's possible to use transparency in animation, you'll likely run into problems trying to move multiple images over each other without them blending in or cutting off parts of things that should still appear . This can create some weird effects when your animation isn't working properly, so watch out for this while testing and make sure everything looks correct before uploading anything to the site.

  1. Multiple transparency files can be confusing

Having multiple versions of each image can mean more to manage, especially if you need to make major changes after publishing your website or avatar. You might be surprised how much work it takes to change an image on a site without breaking other things in the process, so unless you're sure your images won't need changes for a some time, expect to have many updated copies lying around before everything is ready to go live.

  1. Additional file sizes

Saving files as transparent PNG instead of GIF will slightly increase the overall file size, as there are basically two different formats depending on what part of the image needs transparency and what doesn't. no need. If you've ever wondered why every piece of art looks too good as a GIF but terrible as a PNG, this is the reason why.


Transparency is built into the design; there's more to consider than whether or not you want your images to be transparent. A PNG file will work better for some types of graphics while JPG files are better for others. We can help you find the best transparency solution for your project without breaking the bank with high quality free transparent images.