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How to Buy YouTube Views Fast and Cheap – Secrets

Why and who needs to buy YouTube views

Currently, many people are making money through social networks and various sites on the Internet. Among the most popular is YouTube. This is why YouTube views are often faked. Why artificially increase the numbers?

This is because newcomers who have just created their channels and are just beginning a blogger's journey, are in dire need of an audience. Working from scratch is extremely difficult. The competition in the market is more than strong, so it is impossible to delay.

For active promotion, it is enough to start. Without views to succeed, you are unlikely to succeed, and you don't have to rely on high earnings. Likes, subscribers and views on YouTube at are cheap if you look closely at the price list. Thanks to the views, you can easily feel that the blog is popular and requested by others. It is a kind of proof that it is “alive” and interesting. Users often pay attention to statistics. This is a sign for most that there is a need to join the masses. This is how people are built, they react to the “crowd of people” and are afraid of missing out on something that is available to the rest of us.

There is nothing wrong with buying views. It is an element of a successful strategy for building a business on the web. The quality also has a lot to do with it. You can't get away with clicks alone.

Buying views is absolutely safe. Do not think that this circumstance will negatively affect your reputation or your future achievements. Why not use this tool from time to time, if it opens up lots of new opportunities. We are talking about the situation when the videos are watched by real people. The site administration is not able to prevent this, and why should it. The main thing is to produce accrual accounting with reliable resources.

Turning to the paid recruitment service, the channel owner takes the opportunity to build an audience. In the future, it is very likely that people who have already watched the video will subscribe to the channel and be interested in the content offered. In this case, the desired result will be obtained in an optimal time. The choice in favor of the solution is obvious.

Buy Real YouTube Views – Price from $0.2 per 100

YouTube viewers are an indicator of content quality. As a result, the more views, likes, and reposts a video has, the better it is likely to be. Do you agree that when you search for videos on YouTube, you are not interested in videos with less than 1000 views? After all, it's a direct indication that the content "didn't catch people's attention" and doesn't contain any useful or interesting information.

According to YouTube algorithms, if subscribers are active on your channel in the first hours after the video is released, they repost it, watch it and like it, it is considered interesting content, which enters the recommendations and thus gets even more views!

That's why you need online services to "let YouTube know" that your video is interesting. You can buy real YouTube views with retention at! In fact, if your video is decent, such activity will really help you break into the TOP. However, if the content is poorly prepared, even a nudge will not save the day. So before spending money, prepare a quality video and do not forget about its optimization!

What can be dangerous for the chain?

YouTube is not to be outdone, its algorithms are becoming more and more intelligent, it has learned to distinguish between paid views. In particular, this applies to the hoarding of low-quality views by bots. So, for example, if you decide to get 10,000 instant views, there is a very high probability that YouTube will find out. Most likely, your channel will not be banned, but the video will fall into the search engine and its views will be deducted! Such a quick purchase can lead you to a shadow ban, from which you will only understand a decrease in coverage on the chain. So, before artificially promoting your channel, think about it 100 times!

What should be the ideal promotion of views on YouTube?

There are several indicators. Agree that it would be strange for YouTube if all views are from one source, the country will be India and the retention will be 5%).


This should be exactly what you are aiming for. Often, when mispromoted by bots, there are many other countries, India being one of them. Youtube reacts to this kind of thing. If you see views from other countries being added to you, that's a disservice!


The more the better. The only problem is that when you recruit views, the price is directly related to retention. Don't forget this when preparing your videos! I advise you to choose a retention of at least 40%!

Different sources

Good work should come from different sources. These are mainly external sources, notifications and searches.

User activity

Watching is fine, but remember that the user must like, subscribe to the channel and preferably leave a comment! Therefore, if you have decided to order YouTube views, you should pay attention to full offers!

What is the difference between YouTube views with and without retention

Audience retention while watching a particular video is of great importance on YouTube. In fact, that is why their price is kept quite high. However, some users may not yet fully understand what it is and what are the advantages offered by this type of resource and, therefore, if there is a need for paid views on YouTube with such a criterion. This is what we want to understand.

To begin, let's define all the terms. In other words, let's find out what is retention, views with retention and views without retention, and how to distinguish and see them.

  • Retention is viewers' interest in the content they watch, i.e. your YouTube video. It is expressed as a percentage based on watch time, and it [the percentage] depends on the length of the video. Let's say we made a 5 minute video and almost all viewers watched it from the start to the 3rd minute. Therefore, the retention rate here was around 60%;
  • Retention views are views that last 60-80% of the total length of the video. That is, in the example we cited above, opinions only hold back. And here is an example of a social media promotion service that shows views with and without high retention;
  • Views without retention are respectively views that last less, i.e. from 13 seconds to 50% of the duration of the video. So, if users have watched a five-minute video from the beginning and somewhere up to the 1st minute, views will be counted without any deductions.
  • Now let's see how you can see this audience interest indicator. This can be done in the YouTube Analytics section of the channel's Creative Studio. One of the items and will be listed as "Audience retention". Here you will find several charts with different metrics that you can adjust to your liking.

So what can the channel and videos especially pay-per-views do on YouTube, with or without retention:

  • Granted, by comparison, views with high retention win because that's what YouTube perceives as viewers' interest in what they've been watching. And it follows that your statistics will be better and your videos will be ranked more often and shown to other users in the recommended videos;
  • But without retention, views won't be superfluous either. Since this resource is the cheapest, it is suitable for those who want to add as many views as possible to videos in the shortest possible time. That said, many users don't care at all about YouTube's endorsement in this direction.
  • Therefore, before looking for sites to buy YouTube views, decide if you need to build audience loyalty and how full it should be. Remember that this will depend on both the statistics of the social network and the price of the service.