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A Complete Guide to the TF2 EMF Trifield Meter

Modern electronics make almost every aspect of our lives easier. You can shop without leaving your sofa, learn a new language and communicate with distant loved ones without having to wait months for a letter.

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But there are downsides to the continued use of electronics…

In addition to contributing to poor posture, electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation that can harm your health.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meters were designed to tell you how much radiation a device is emitting. The TriField TF2 EMF Meter is one of the best EMF meters on the market, and here's why.

Intuitive and innovative design

The number one selling point of the TriField EMF Meter (Model TF2) is its ease of use and understanding. With its large backlit LCD display, there's no way to misinterpret the numbers.

The TF2 is a tri-axis EMF meter. Different devices emit electromagnetic radiation along three axes. A three-axis meter measures EMF in all directions at once. A single axis meter, on the other hand, requires you to measure along each axis individually to get a full reading.

To use the device, adjust the knob according to the type of source you are going to measure. That's it!

Main characteristics

Besides being ridiculously easy to use, the TF2 also has the following features that set it apart from its competitors:

Peak Hold

Interpreting EMF readings when they peak can be difficult because digital signals move quickly.

This innovative device includes a peak hold feature that allows you to interpret the highest (and most dangerous) readings of electromagnetic pollution.

Extremely-accurate readings

The Trifield TF2 has been praised worldwide for its accuracy and sensitivity. It can pick up even the faintest pulses your devices emit, giving you an incredibly accurate account of the radiation you're exposed to.

Adjustable backlight

Getting a correct reading can be tricky if you're sneaking into the space behind your fridge or dishwasher or working in the dark.

The Trifield TF2 has an adjustable backlight that allows you to use the device (without needing to push an extra arm to hold a flashlight).

Integrated audio indicator

EMF sources give no visible indication that they are emitting radiation. This can make it difficult to identify them just by looking around the room. And if you have multiple EMF sources grouped together, it can be difficult to distinguish between their readings.

The Three-Field Meter's built-in audio indicator helps you easily and accurately locate EMF sources; you can find the problem and fix it right away.


Different devices emit different types of pollution, including AC magnetic, AC electrical, and RF/microwave radiation.

Its sensitive RF mode helps you measure electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi routers.

The Trifield TF2 is the only EMF meter that can measure radiation from multiple types of sources!

Low battery consumption

Let's face it, a dead battery is a nuisance.

While operating with regular 9V alkaline batteries, the Trifield TF2 uses a low amount of power to maximize the life of each battery.

It can last up to 20 hours when the backlight is off and up to 12 when it is on.

Portable Design

This device is lightweight and portable. You can take it with you to your office, or you can slip it into your luggage and check your hotel's radiation levels!

Get a TF2 EMF Trifield meter today

Being able to measure the amount of radiation you are exposed to on a daily basis is important for limiting your exposure to harmful frequencies.

Hopefully you now know everything there is to know about the TF2 EMF Trifield Meters. With the simple twist of a knob, you can see the different frequencies all around you.

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