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Difference Between Magento and WordPress Development

Comparing the leaders in the segment of the development of business projects, first of all, many remember two competitors – WordPress and Magento. These sites are famous and popular, and there are countless examples of successful projects for both platforms. To understand and simplify the problem of choosing a site for the development of a commercial site, you must familiarize yourself with:

ContentsWhat is WordPress?What is Magento?E-commerce SupportWeb HostingSoftware DevelopmentContent Management System and Marketing Platform
  • platform capabilities and characteristics;
  • support and settings available for developers;
  • the possibilities of using the accommodation;
  • management features and other issues.

Magento development is more complex to implement, but at the same time more functional. While WordPress can be mastered even by a beginner. Consider anything that will help you compare the two platforms.

What is WordPress?

One of the first platforms available for developing business websites was WordPress. Fairly easy to use, the site offers a number of templates based on which you can launch your own online store. It was originally developed as a blogging platform, but with the growth of the business sector, the creators made some adjustments, which allowed users to create online stores.

What is Magento?

Unlike its opponent, the Magento platform was originally created as a platform for developing merchant sites. As a result, applications, extensions and functions have focused specifically on online stores. More difficult for developers without skills, but at the same time, the site is able to provide business owners with more extensive opportunities.

e-commerce support

The functionalities on the WordPress platform are rather limited, but the vulnerability of the system is more alarming, which is unacceptable for a merchant site. Magento already has a number of e-commerce support features. For example:

  • advertising is cheaper;
  • free shipping options are available;
  • fake registrations are strictly controlled by the security system, avoiding negative consequences;
  • more reliable control and analysis of the product catalog, promotions, visual settings and site interface for the convenience of customers.

WordPress is less reliable and responsive in terms of connecting payment systems and setting up sales channels. By hiring professionals, Magento can be an effective sales tool. Magento Integration Agency – Elogic will be able to implement the latest commerce technologies for the sites developed on this site. This will have a positive impact on efficiency and sales growth.

Website hosting

Either way, third-party and in-house hosting is available. Dedicated servers can be used to store data on the WordPress site, but they severely limit the functionality available and prove to be inefficient hosting for online stores.

Software Development

Connecting WordPress plugins is easier. But Magento is still considered more advanced. For this site, innovative technologies are developed that are integrated and actively used with appropriate programming skills.

Content-management-system and marketing-platform

Content is important for search engine rankings, it affects the cost of a click and the profitability of the site. Basic functions for configuring SEO settings, optimizing and publishing documents are available in WordPress. Magento is doing well in terms of process automation. Especially when it comes to mass control and commodity management. The marketing platform must offer unique solutions for the business, and Magento fully copes with this task.