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What do you know about CNC machining and its commonly used types?

CNC machines were invented in 1949. Since then, they have changed industries and manufacturing forever. A CNC machine is a piece of equipment or factory tool that moves in response to pre-programmed computer software. Manufacturing companies can produce parts in less time, reduce waste and eliminate the risk of human error.

Several complex machines will be discussed in this article, which uses this manufacturing process to control them. With CNC machining Used Doosan , three-dimensional cutting is made possible by following a few simple steps. Several CNC machines allow you to manufacture almost anything you want, depending on your budget, schedule, work material, shape and size.

  • CNC milling machine

CNC milling machines are used to cut materials using computer control. They are one of the most common types of CNC machines. The spindle of a milling machine can be moved using numbers and letters coded in programs.

A common programming language used by most CNC machines is G code, a standardized language used by many factories. The functions of a CNC milling machine include face milling, shoulder milling, tapping, drilling and turning. These milling machines are 3-axis machines, while the CNC milling machine is huge and expensive compared to other tools. Okuma, HAAS and DMG Mori are some manufacturers.

  • CNC Lathe

CNC lathes are used to cut parts by rotating them. Their various tools allow them to quickly make precise cuts. Unlike manual lathes, CNC machines are quite precise. Compared to CNC milling machines, they are smaller and more compact, with fewer axes.

A CNC lathe comes with controls similar to a CNC milling machine and can read both G-code and proprietary programming languages. CNC lathe manufacturers include HAAS, Mori Seiki and Okuma. They work the same way as manual lathes.

  • CNC Router

CNC routers are very similar to portable routers commonly used to cut various materials. Steel, wood, aluminum, composites, plastic and foam can all be cut with this type of CNC machine.

CNC routers are similar to CNC milling machines. It can route the tool paths using the CNC so that the machine can work. It also reduces waste and increases productivity by producing items faster than other machines.

Almost any router can work in three dimensions on a particular material, perfect for small projects, prototypes and complex designs. There are also three-axis, five-axis and six-axis routers.

  • CNC Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutting involves cutting material using a plasma torch. Metals such as steel and other types of metals are commonly cut using this method. CNC plasma cutters use high-speed gas blowing from nozzles. An electric arc forms between the nozzle gas and the material being cut during this process. Plasma is formed due to this conversion, and this plasma has a temperature that ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 degrees. As soon as the plasma hits the material, it melts and blows any molten metal away from the cut site. CNC Plasma Cutters and CNC routers are very similar in shape and size. They only work in two dimensions.

  • CNC Electric Discharge Machine

Electrical discharge machining creates a specific shape in a material using electrical discharges or sparks. A series of electrical discharges between two electrodes remove material from a part during this process. An electric voltage is often applied to this dielectric fluid, separating the electrodes. The machine measures the amount of electricity that needs to be discharged by each electrode after placing the material between two electrodes.

  • CNC Laser Cutter

Last but not least is the CNC laser cutter. Machines like these are similar to CNC plasma machines, but lasers are more commonly used to cut metal, plastic or hardwood as they are very precise. The laser frequency can be adjusted according to the density and strength of the material.