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Invest your holiday money in your phone and save money!

Most Dutch people have received their holiday pay again. Always nice, such an extra amount! But what are you going to do with that? Do you put it away, invest in a phone or take it on vacation? Here are some tips from Simyo!

What is holiday pay and when do you get it?
If you are in paid employment, you save 8% of your gross salary in holiday pay every month. Most employers pay the holiday pay in May. If you receive benefits, you will also receive your holiday pay from the government in May. Sometimes holiday pay is not paid in one lump sum, but monthly as a supplement to your wages. Research by ING shows that 80% of the Dutch have their holiday allowance paid out in one go.

What do we spend our holiday money on?
The same research shows that 47% of all twenty-somethings use their holiday money to save, invest or pay off debts. They usually have a smaller financial buffer and can therefore make good use of the holiday money!

Save money? Invest in your phone!
Maybe you've never thought of it that way, but investing a small portion of your vacation money into your smartphone will save you money in the long run. You can do this in the following ways.

Buy a new phone
Do you need a new phone and do you already have a Sim Only subscription from, for example, Simyo? Then this is the time to buy a new device. This way you can keep calling via your cheap Sim Only subscription and save the costs of a (more expensive) subscription.

Buy useful accessories for your phone
If your current phone still works fine, you can also invest in accessories that can save you money in many situations. Think of the following accessories:
• A good and sturdy phone case that protects your phone when it falls on the floor;
• A screen protector that protects your display against scratches and cracks. The handy thing about this is that your touch screen continues to work fine;
• Accessories that turn your phone into a navigation system:so you don't have to invest in an expensive navigation system! For example, think of a holder on your dashboard where you can put your phone so that you can see it well during the ride. A car charger is also useful, so that your battery does not run out too quickly. With the TomTom app you can download road maps in advance via WiFi so that you do not have to use MBs during navigation. This app costs money, but is a very useful investment. You can also choose to download a free navigation app, for example Here Maps. It is only slightly less versatile than the TomTom app.

Go on holiday with your holiday money:tips for your smartphone
Maybe you will use your holiday money for what it is intended for, and enjoy your holiday! As far as your smartphone is concerned, there are a number of things you should take into account. Mobile calling, texting and using the internet is much higher abroad. Here you can see the new rates in other EU countries.

You usually also make less use of your internet bundle on holiday. You can also save money by using a smaller internet bundle or no mobile internet at all for a month. After your holiday you can adjust your bundle again!