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Tips to turn your smartphone into a stylish accessory

A smartphone is a part of our lives today. We always have it with us everywhere, whether we have it in our hand or in our bag or pocket, we can no longer do without it. That also means that the smartphone must suit us. This can easily be done by turning it into a stylish accessory, so that it becomes something unique that suits you. You can read how to do that below.

Forget a pink, black or gold iPhone, you can transform your phone into your own by purchasing different iPhone 6s cases. If you buy several types of covers, you can make sure that it matches your outfit every time you put on something different. And then it also seems like you have a different smartphone with you every time.

Selfie Stick
One of the things that is often done with the smartphone is taking pictures, and of course also of ourselves. Besides the fact that selfie sticks are very useful for taking photos, they also come in fun colors, making your smartphone look super stylish in a different way.

Forget the standard earplugs, and opt for earplugs in fun colors. You can never have enough, just like you can never have enough clothes. With several sets of earplugs you can turn your smartphone into a nice accessory every time.

Cute power bank
A power bank or mobile battery is a must if you never want to be left with an empty battery. This allows you to charge your phone anytime, anywhere when you are not near a power outlet. In addition to being handy, and actually indispensable, you can also turn your smartphone into an eye-catcher by purchasing a super nice power bank, such as a Pikachu power bank, a Hello Kitty Power bank or a Macaron power bank.