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10 Gmail tips and tricks for Android to up your email game

It goes without saying that staying on top of emails is an essential part of our personal and professional lives. However, easier said than done, this becomes difficult over time – especially on phones – given the small footprint and somewhat limited options of the Gmail Android app.

Contents1. Automatic advance2. More labels3. Search intelligently4. Change default action5. Create a multi-line signature6. Priority is key7. Ask before deleting/archiving8. Write from the home screen9. Holiday answering machine10. Everything under one roofEverything settled?

However, don't let that deter you from getting the most out of your smartphone and the Gmail app, as it also has an incredible array of features that you can customize to up your email game.

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1. Auto Advance

Do you have a lot of unread emails? Sort them easily using Auto Advance characteristic.

Available under General Settings , this nifty feature will take you to the next email once you archive or delete the one you're viewing, saving you the hassle of going back and opening a new email.

To activate it, you just have to select between Newest, Oldest, and List of conversations.

2. More tags

It goes without saying that Tags help us improve productivity on Gmail. The higher the number of labels, the easier it is to manage emails.

So whether it's a newsletter or projects, just create a tag and let the app do the magic for you.

Creating a label is still a luxury that can only be enjoyed on the desktop, however, the Android app gives you the ability to better manage those emails.

If you find a bunch of emails that fit a certain category, just tap the three-dot menu (hamburger icon) to move a new email to its designated label.

3. Search smartly

Suppose you come back from a long vacation and open your Gmail account after about a week. Hundreds of emails will instantly flood your inbox and make your life a complete misery.

In such a case, the conventional search method will not be helpful in locating the right email at the right time.

The good news is that Gmail, like Google, lets you use a number of search IDs to navigate your mailbox.

So if you want to search for a topic or by a particular time period, you just need to enter a few search parameters such as subject: or older than: and Gmail will fetch your emails on that subject or from the time period only. Quick Tip :You can even search by any name, which was CC'd in an email, by typing cc: in the search bar followed by the e-mail identifier.

4. Change default action

Gmail offers a smart option at the bottom of every email, which lets you choose between Reply or to Reply all .

So if you find yourself frequently receiving emails that have a mini army in the To list, the default Reply all option is the best choice.

This can also be found in the general settings menu. All you have to do is hit the Reply and the work of including the mini army of recipients will be taken care of by Gmail.

5. Create a multiline signature

The signature is something we don't change too often. However, we would also like our mail signature to stand out. Luckily, Gmail lets you create multi-line signatures on the app.

Head to Settings , choose a mailbox and press Signatures . After that, write your credentials and press Enter when you want to add a new line. Currently, the Gmail app on Android does not include images or HTML tags.

6. Priority is key

Another interesting way to filter emails is the Priority Inbox characteristic. The feature – available in Mailbox settings – only shows emails that the app deems important to you.

All of these emails will be marked with an Importance Marker . The application determines an important email based on the recipient, the frequency of emails and the emails you open regularly.

It's not as perfect as the Targeted Inbox of Windows 10 mail. However, in the end, it helps you to configure your mailbox well.

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7. Ask before deleting/archiving

This is a small but very useful parameter. To make sure you don't delete any emails accidentally, the Ask before deleting checkbox will not let any email leave your inbox without your confirmation.

To enable it, go to Settings> General Settings, scroll down and check the boxes next to the options to enable them.Rate :This trick only works for actions performed by pressing the buttons in the upper right corner and not for the archive/delete gestures.

8. Write from home screen

It goes without saying that a few seconds saved are a few seconds saved in this fast-paced world. Fortunately, Gmail offers a number of options that save you a lot of time.

Among these features, the long press options are notable. If you want to compose an email directly from your home screen, a long press on the Gmail icon is enough to do the job.

9. Holiday answering machine

If you ask me, the days leading up to the holidays are always exciting, and in that excitement I often tend to forget to turn on the holiday answering machine or out of office (OOO) replies.

Don't worry! The Android app allows you to set the "OOO response" from your phone. All you have to do is open the Settings page and flip the switch. Enter the necessary details, press Done and go on a stress-free vacation. Speaking of travel and vacations, here are 5 websites that help you hire a local travel guide

10. Everything under one roof

Even though it seems to be peaceful to have a single email id, only a lucky few of us can afford to have this luxury.

If you have multiple email ids, the best option is to use the Gmail Android app to get everything under one roof, even your secondary email ids.

Whether it's an Outlook ID or a Yahoo account, you just need to add the email ID to the Gmail app, check the synchronization settings and integrate the different IDs under one single application.

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Is everything set?

Here are some of the features of Gmail app for Android that you can customize according to your choice and needs.

The best thing about Gmail is the integration of Smart Replies which allows you to add a machine generated reply to the email. So how many of these tricks did you know?

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