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Fix Amazon Fire Stick Not Working

Amazon Fire Stick really is a great way to enjoy streaming services like Prime Video and Netflix. However, sometimes you will not be able to use them. Many users have recently reported that their Amazon Fire Stick is not working and showing a blank screen which prevents them from using the devices. In this guide, we'll explain how to fix issues that prevent your Amazon Fire Stick from working, such as a black screen and no signal issue.

ContentsFix Amazon Fire Stick Not Working1]Restart your Fire Stick2]Set up your Fire Stick correctly3]Test your network connectivity4]Install Fire Stick updates5]Check remote battery6]Clear cache dataWhy Amazon Fire Stick doesn't work- Doesn't it? How do I update my Amazon Fire Stick?

Repair Amazon Fire Stick not working

Please follow the suggestions below if your Amazon Fire TV Stick is not working properly or showing a blank screen:

  1. Restart your Fire Stick
  2. Set up your Fire Stick properly
  3. Test your network connectivity
  4. Install Fire Stick updates
  5. Check the battery of the remote control
  6. Clear cache data

Let's take a look at each in more detail

1]Restart your Fire Stick

If you are unable to sideload apps on your Amazon Fire Stick, it may be a bug in the device itself. However, a simple restart can fix this problem. To perform this action, navigate to Settings . Click on My Fire TV then select the Restart button in the menu list.

If you're having trouble navigating the settings menu, press and hold the Play/Pause and Select buttons for about 4-5 seconds. Your computer will restart now without requiring further confirmation. The following method simply requires you to unplug the plug. Turning off the power will cause the computer to restart. Try not to do this when updating your device.

2]Set-up your Fire Stick correctly

Once your Fire Stick restarts, make sure it's been set up correctly. If a Fire Stick does not appear on the TV screen, try connecting using another HDMI port. Also, make sure the Stick is plugged into the correct power outlet.

3]Test your network connectivity

It could be your network connection if you are experiencing slow performance or if the main interface is not loading. Determine if your router supports dual-band performance. If so, you should use your router's 5 GHz frequency instead of the slower 2.4 GHz frequency. To check signal strength, go to Settings> Network .

If the connection is poor, your speed will suffer, regardless of the speed of your actual internet connection. As a result, you may experience buffering issue or reduced image quality. To fix this, you need to bring your Fire Stick or router closer together and make sure nothing is blocking their signal.

4]Install fire stick updates

There may be software bugs that cause issues with the Fire Stick. To prevent this from happening, make sure your device software is updated.

You should always keep your Amazon Fire TV Stick plugged in and connected. This allows updates to take place in the background and you won't risk unplugging the device while an update is running.

In most cases, updates are automatically applied. To check for updates manually, go to Settings> My Fire TV> About> Check for Updates . On this page you will see which version is currently installed on your device and when you last checked for updates.

5]Check the battery of the remote-control

You may experience this issue if the batteries in your Fire Stick remote are drained. In this case, you need to check your batteries and also make sure your remote is paired with your Fire TV Stick. If the battery problem persists, you can try reinserting the batteries or replacing them with a new pair of batteries. Also, don't forget to clean the battery connectors. If none of these things work, it could mean the remote is broken.

6]Clear cache data

On Amazon Fire Stick, every app you install collects cache data in the background. By using this cache data, content loads faster.

The problem occurs when an app collects huge amount of cache data which prevents the app from opening. When this happens, it is necessary to clear the cache of the problematic app on Fire TV Stick. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • The first thing to do is access the Fire TV Stick settings menu.
  • Select Applications from the menu.
  • After that, click Manage installed apps.
  • Choose the app that's not loading on your Fire TV Stick.
  • Select Clear cache to remove temporarily stored data that is causing problems.

You can also select Clear Data from the same menu if that doesn't work. The application will then be reset to its default state.

Why isn't Amazon Fire Stick working?

When Amazon Fire Sticks aren't working, black screens appear instead of media and apps don't load properly. Insufficient power, slow internet connections, or outdated software are most likely to cause this problem.

How do I update my Amazon Fire Stick?

The first step is to access the home screen of Amazon Fire TV. From there, select Settings> Device> About> Check for system updates . Amazon Fire TV Stick will then start checking for updates. After downloading the update, click Install System Update .

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