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How to switch from NextGEN to Envira Gallery in WordPress

Are you looking for a NextGEN Gallery alternative? Envira Gallery offers tons of functionality without sacrificing speed or ease of use. Recently a user asked if there was an easy way to switch from NextGEN to Envira Gallery. Yes there is, and it's pretty simple. In this article, we will show you how to switch from NextGen to the Envira Gallery plugin for WordPress.

Envira is the best responsive WordPress gallery plugin. Recently one of our users asked us how they can import their NextGEN image galleries into Envira. Actually, it is very easy and quite simple to import data from NextGEN image galleries to Envira Gallery. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to switch from the NextGen plugin to Envira Gallery for WordPress.

Video Walkthrough

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The first thing you need to do is install and activate the Envira Gallery plugin. There is a FREE version available as well as a PRO version.

Upon activation, simply go to Envira Gallery »Settings and click on the Plugins tab.

You may need to scroll down to locate the NextGEN Importer plugin. Next, click on the install plugin button, and once it is installed, click on the activate button.

You are now ready to import your NextGEN image galleries into Envira. You will notice that a new menu item labeled NextGEN Import appears in the Envira Gallery.

Clicking on import from NextGEN will automatically display all NextGEN galleries and albums which are displayed like this:

Note: Albums is part of the PRO version of Envira, so make sure you have Albums installed if your NextGen gallery has albums (use Envira Gallery coupon:WPB25 to get a 25% discount).

Next, you need to check the galleries you want to import and click Import Galleries button. You should do the same for your albums as well.

The plugin will now import your NextGen galleries into the Envira Gallery. Once this is done, you will see a success message.

Now you can visit Envira Gallery »Envira Gallery to view your newly imported galleries.

Envira not only imports your NextGen gallery, but also transfers image metadata.

You can add your imported galleries anywhere on your site using the shortcode or by using the Add Gallery button in the post editor.

That is all. We hope this article helped you make the switch from NextGen to Envira Gallery.

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