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How to Install the iOS 15 Developer Beta

During its much-anticipated WWDC session on Monday, June 7, Apple showed off a slew of new features for its next update to its iOS mobile operating system:iOS 15. The beta version of the developer is now available for anyone who wants to download it. and who is a registered developer.

First, the obligatory disclaimer:this version of iOS 15 is going to be brand new and very beta. If you're a developer, you know all of this, but it bears repeating:it's better to install it on a phone that's not the one you rely on. Also, remember that backups are your friends.

  • You can find the iOS 15 developer beta on Apple's developer website. Of course, you'll need to log in (we're assuming you've paid your $99 for a developer account). You may be prompted to register your device if it isn't already.
  • Find the iOS 15 profile by choosing Downloads (either from the button in the top right corner or using the two-line drop-down menu in the top left).
  • Find iOS profile and allow download.
  • Once the profile is downloaded, go to your device settings, search for "Downloaded Profile" and follow the instructions. You may be asked to restart, then you should be able to install the update available in Settings> General> Software Update.

If you're not registered as an Apple developer, don't be discouraged – a public beta will be available for download in July. When it's available, we'll let you know where to find it and how to install it.