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5 must-have apps for your iPhone

What's an iPhone without apps? Of course we all know our classics like WhatsApp, Buienradar, Facebook and Snapchat, but you can get a lot more out of your iPhone if you find and install the right apps for it. That is why we have listed 5 indispensable apps for your iPhone that you may not have known.

Camera+ (3.49 euros)
The cameras on the iPhones are only getting better. The new iPhone 12 includes the best cameras and camera software Apple has ever offered. Yet as a user you actually still have too little control over your images. The standard camera app simply offers too few options for this. This can be solved with the very advanced Camera+ app, which you can download for 3.49 euros in the App Store. This app allows you to easily control the exposure of your photo or video. You can also set things like the ISO value, shutter speed and presets for white balance (such as clouds, shadows, twilight and flash). There is also a macro mode. Indispensable if you really want to make the most of your iPhone's cameras.

Are you still not satisfied with your photo despite all the settings of Camera+ that you can determine yourself? Then you can download the Afterlight app to edit them. With this app you can, for example, adjust the exposure and contrast afterwards. You can also add nice filters, crop the photo nicely and do many other things with Afterlight.

Find My iPhone
We sometimes don't quite get them all. Everyone loses their phone from time to time. This can happen at home, but it can also happen somewhere on the road. Then you have to check all your steps, while it could also be that it was stolen somewhere unguarded. With the Find My iPhone app you can locate your lost device on a map on the computer or via the app on someone else's iPhone. You do need your Apple ID to log in. You can also remotely wipe your iPhone in the event that it's stolen, or have it make a loud noise to make it easier to find.

5 must-have apps for your iPhone

Are you really a chaotic muddle? Then some support to keep you on the right track can't hurt. The Todoist app can be of great help in this regard. It is the ideal aid for making schedules and lists, and sending reminders to yourself. Create order in your life with the help of this app.

Do you also have such trouble remembering all your login details? With LastPass, you don't have to. In this app you can safely manage all your usernames and passwords and generate difficult passwords that are difficult to crack. You only need to remember one master password (namely for the app itself). LastPass will also automatically fill in credentials if you want to. You do need a Premium account to use all functions.

This is of course only a very small selection of all useful apps. Therefore, look in the App Store for apps that may also come in handy for you!