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How to start using robotic solutions in your industrial projects

Industrial companies are always looking for ways to make their operations more efficient, effective, safe and controlled, which makes robotic and automated solutions ideal. Products such as industrial tank cleaning robots and high pressure pumps are essential to these solutions.

Contents1. Why are robotic solutions necessary?2. Which industries can benefit from robotic solutions?3. What are some examples of robotic solutions in these industries?Tank cleaningHydro-demolition4. How do you choose a robotic solution provider?

If you're looking to adopt similar technology for your business, read on to learn how you can start using robotic solutions in your industrial projects.

1. Why are robotic solutions necessary?

Robotic solutions are increasingly used around the world for several reasons. Although their applications may vary, the benefits of these solutions are often similar. In addition, they are a a fantastic way to improve your organization's ability to succeed while improving the work of your human employees .

For starters, robotic solutions provide an efficient and effective way to get the job done . When using automated solutions, you don't have to worry about robots getting tired or distracted; they can work as much as necessary until the job is done , which decreases the time required.

In addition, the robotic solutions will operate consistently at the same level , unlike human workers. For this reason, in many cases they are the most reliable option , and they will consistently deliver high-quality results .

In addition to speed, consistency and high quality results, robotic solutions are ideal for security issues . For example, in industries such as energy and petrochemicals, marine and offshore, construction and infrastructure, and mining and quarrying, there are many jobs that are not safe for workers. human employees . In these cases, you will want to use robotic solutions to perform work that can be dangerous for human workers.

2. Which industries can benefit from robotic solutions?

As mentioned earlier, almost any industry can benefit from some form of robotic solution; however, industries can benefit significantly because of the hazardous conditions employees often find themselves working in . Here are some examples of industrial companies and how they can use robotic and automated solutions:

  • Energy and petrochemicals Abrasive Cold Cutting, Chemical Cleaning, Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning, Drill Pipe Cleaning, Fluid Transfer Pumping/Overpumping, Hydrostatic Testing, Machinery Washing/Cleaning, Mud Pumping, Pipeline Cleaning, Flooding pipework, pipe flushing, pipe testing, process pumps, sludge/sediment removal – tanks and storage pits, surface preparation, tank and vessel cleaning
  • Marine and Offshore Abrasive Cold Cutting, Chemical Cleaning, Fluid Transfer Pumping, Hydrostatic Testing, Machine Washing/Cleaning, Marine Growth Removal, Pipe Cleaning, Pipeline Flooding, Pipeline Flushing, Pipeline Testing, Process Pumps, sludge/sediment disposal – storage tanks and pits, surface preparation, tank and vessel cleaning, tube cleaning
  • Construction and infrastructure :abrasive cold cutting, cement truck cleaning, dewatering, fluid transfer pumping/over-pumping, hydro-demolition, machine washing/cleaning, road/pavement/parking maintenance and cleaning, sewer cleaning
  • Municipality and waste water Abrasive Cold Cutting, Chemical Cleaning, Cooling Tower Basin Cleaning, Dewatering, Fluid Transfer Pumping/Over-Pumping, Hydro-Demolition, Machine Washing/Cleaning, Pipeline Cleaning, Pipeline Flooding, Pipeline Flushing, Testing sewers, process pumps, road/pavement/car park maintenance and cleaning, sewer cleaning, sludge/sediment disposal – storage tanks and pits
  • Industrial :chemical cleaning, cooling tower basin cleaning, fluid transfer pumping/over-pumping, hydrostatic testing, machine washing/cleaning, pipe cleaning, process pumps, surface preparation, tank and vessel cleaning, tube cleaning
  • Mining and quarrying :dehydration, washing/cleaning of machines, process pumps
  • Facility Management :cleaning of buildings, cleaning of reservoirs/service station forecourts, hydro-demolition, cleaning of lakes/lagoons/fountains, washing/cleaning of machines, cleaning of pipes, maintenance and cleaning of roads/pavements/car parks, cleaning of sewers

3. What are some examples of robotic solutions in these industries?

Although there are many examples of the use of robotic solutions in industrial projects, tank cleaning and hydro-demolition are two of the most important.

Tank cleaning

Industrial tank cleaning robots are advanced robotic solutions specifically designed to remove waste and products from small spaces and hazardous areas , or places too dangerous for human workers to access. These automated solutions can be used in tanks and vessels, for sludge and sediment removal in storage tanks and pits, and for cleaning cooling tower basins.

In all of these situations, cleaning of tanks and pits is necessary to ensure that waste, sediment and other harmful chemicals do not accumulate at the bottom . Otherwise, if these substances accumulate, they can quickly interfere with operations and affect the quality of the product or service.

An added benefit of using tank cleaning robots is that they do not necessarily need to interrupt operations while performing their task . Instead, they can remove deposits, effectively clean the tank, pond or pit, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

Products such as the Stoneage Torus 3D Cleansing Tool and the AWE Custom Jetstream High Pressure Triplex Pump are excellent choices for this type of work.


Hydrodemolition is often used to remove concrete in cases where you don't want to produce excessive dust or noise . The process is not only effective in removing concrete, but also ensures that the layer left behind is ready for new coating applications. When performing hydro-demolition, you use high-pressure water with added abrasive material to achieve these effects .

Robotic solutions are highly recommended for hydro-demolition projects as theydo not require scaffolding like other options , significantly reducing operating costs. Without forgetting robotic solutions such as the AquaJet AquaCutter can replace five portable water jet guns , 25 workers with hand jackhammers, or three excavators with jackhammers. In other words, a robotic solution is not only the most efficient option, but it is also the most cost effective .

4. How do you choose a robotic solution provider?

When it comes time to choose a robotic solutions provider, it is crucial to remember that not all companies have the same type of experience. Therefore, you want to prioritize finding a company that has spent years developing its products and solutions .

The best providers understand that security is the most important thing for your organization and employees and, therefore, have it at the heart of all their developments. In addition, they support you by offering the most advanced robotic equipment possible and have a team of experts on hand to guide you through the process .

Have you ever used robotic solutions in your industrial projects? Why or why not? If so, what benefits have you seen? If not, how do you think you can use them?