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Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

Samsung's flagships - the Galaxy S8 and S8+ - were launched in India a few days ago. Going through its high-end looks and cool features, calling it Awesome would be an understatement. Running on Android Nougat and paired with Samsung's own TouchWhiz, there's no doubt the Galaxy S8 is teaming up with features.

Contents1. Customize the navigation bar2. Customize Edge3 flows and apps. Boost your downloads4. Fingerprint gestures5. Put a twist on selfies6. Arrange everything7. Manage apps with ease8. Anchor the screen9. One-handed mode10. Improve game mode11. Auto alignment icons12. Configure Secure Folder13. Dual AudioBonus:Buy with BixbyIs this already on your wishlist?

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

Today in this article, we help you discover 13 cool Samsung Galaxy S8 tips and tricks that will help you push the S8 experience even further.

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1. Customize the navigation bar

With the S8 and S8+, Samsung upgraded the brand's diamond key to on-screen buttons. By default, the back button is on the right and the recents are on the left. The good news is that if you're not comfortable with this setup, you can easily swap out the buttons.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

Moreover, you can even add a splash of color to the navigation bar. Go to Display Settings> Navigation Bar and choose the background color of your choice. That said, dashing blue isn't bad. In addition, you can adjust the sensitivity of the bar to your liking

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts a high resolution of 2220 x 1080, but that doesn't put every pixel into action. To get the most out of it, you can set the screen resolution to its full glory at 2960 x 1440.

2. Customize Edge flows and apps

Granted, the edges of the Galaxy S8 are smooth and convenient for viewing the latest weather reports, news, and message alerts. Which makes the highly customizable edges even better.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

All you have to do is download new Edge apps and swap them in place of the existing ones. Head to Edge Screen Settings> Edge Panels and choose from the options – Apps, Contacts, Smart Select, Tasks, Reminders, etc.

3. Boost your downloads

The Galaxy S8 also sports the Download Booster which boosts download speeds for large files over 30MB. This technology, which debuted in the Galaxy Alpha, uses Wi-Fi and cellular data simultaneously to speed up the process.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

This setting can be accessed by going to Connections> More connection settings and toggling the download reminder switch to On.

People with caps on their cellular data, monitor cellular data usage.

4. Fingerprint Gestures

If the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor annoyed you, here's some good news. Well, it doesn't just unlock the phone for you, it also doubles as a neat door to the notification drawer. All you have to do is swipe over it and the notification shade will be accessible right away.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

Cool tip :Did you know that the S8 camera has built-in controls that allow you to take pictures when you say certain commands like "Cheese", "Smile", "Capture", or "Shoot". Now you know.

5. Put a twist on selfies

Looking for Snapchat-like filters on your phone. Well, the Galaxy S8 has the answer. The S8 incorporates some incredibly fun filters into the camera. You have the option to choose from a total of 31 cartoonish filters.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

This feature can be accessed by tapping the bear icon on the right. If you ask me, rabbit is my favorite.

6. Arrange everything

This feature is for iOS converts, who are used to apps on the home screen. Most Android phones come with an app drawer which includes tons of apps, with the bare minimum of apps on the home screen.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

Well, if that's not to your liking, you can replicate the look of iOS by heading to Home screen settings> Home screen layout and choosing the Home screen option. reception only.

7. Manage apps with ease

For a long-term Android user, deleting an app normally involves long-pressing the app and dragging it to the uninstall label at the top.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

The Galaxy S8 has removed the drag-and-drop feature. In its place you have a very nifty feature where you just have to long press on an app and a menu will pop up with all the necessary options.

8. Anchor screen

Android Nougat introduced the split window system and the S8 seems to have taken it a step further. Now you can dock a specific part of a window at the top of the screen, while continuing to work on the bottom half of the screen.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

This nifty feature comes in handy when watching a video or live stream. All you have to do is long-press the Recents key, tap the dock screen icon, and select Portions. Ta-Da, you have a nice screen anchored at the top.

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9. One-handed mode

Agreed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 infinity display is too amazing with its bright and impressive display and smoothness. But then, not every time you'll have both hands free to navigate it.

Fortunately, it comes with one-handed mode which shrinks the screen towards the lower parts of the screen, giving you the freedom to use it with one hand. In addition, also a plus point for people with small hands.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

To enable this, all you have to do is head to advanced features and enable the option. Now that it's set, triple tap the home button or swipe up diagonally from the bottom corner. Here is.

10. Improve game mode

The Game Launcher app returns to the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Previously featured in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, this one aims to improve the gaming experience.

The best part is that all these features can be accessed by tapping on the floating bubble.

Additionally, when you get into serious games, you can make the phone divert more processing power to the game, via performance mode.

11. Auto-align icons

With the S8, you can enjoy the best of both the Android and iOS worlds, when it comes to snap icons on the home screen.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

So if you want to go the Android route, go ahead and place the icons anywhere on the screen. But if you want to use the iOS method to auto-align icons, just long-press on the home screen and tap the auto-align icon. Easy.

12. Configure Secure Folder

You may already know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the Knox Security Shield. Apart from other security aspects such as iris scanner and facial recognition, the S8 also has the Secure Folder . Also available in advanced features, this one allows you to create a secure vault in the phone.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

Armed with options to lock it with a PIN or password, this folder lets you have side apps like a gallery, email account, or notes app. For example, a "locked" image will only be available in the vault gallery.

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13. Dual Audio

The Samsung Galaxy S8's dual audio mode lets you stream the same sound to two wireless devices simultaneously. Made possible by Bluetooth 5.0 (which is a whole different story), you can now even walk around the house and yard without the connection dropping.

Top 13 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Tips and Tricks

Bonus:Buy with Bixby

Samsung's smart assistant is also making its debut with this incredible phone. Although it does not yet have voice commands, Bixby can perform small tasks with ease. And among them is the Bixby camera. Point it at your object of interest and Bixby will extract information about Amazon, Pinterest and more.

And with the debut of the Galaxy S8, another small feature also marks its debut:new emojis in Emoji 4.0. Emoji 4.0 is the latest icon collection and you can get your hands on little broccoli, cute giraffe, etc.

Is this already on your wishlist?

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is simply fantastic, as you can imagine. Coupled with the all-new Bluetooth 5.0, infinity display and the tips and tricks above, it's all the phone you want. So, is it already on your wishlist?

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